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Design Plus and Heat Master


A range of films in neutral, bronze or silver appearance which reduce glare and reject solar heat. Dependant on application chosen reduced glare of up to 89% and reduced heat of up to 78% are available. These films will protect fabrics, furniture and paintings from solar degradation whilst the reduced glare will improve the quality of viewing computer, television screens and whilst reading.




These mirror reflective films are available in grey silver, blue silver, green silver, gold silver and bronze silver. With reduced glare of up to 92% and reduced heat of up to 74% these films give a striking look to your building while improving the quality of the working environment.


Safe Plus


Safety and security films available in a range of thickness with either clear or tinted finish. These films are suitable for protecting all glass from splintering when broken. Applications include protection on glass doors, patio doors, windows, schools, hospitals, MOD, government buildings, cars, commercial vehicle door glass, golf club tractors, fire engines, and police vehicles. Virtually any high risk situations where glass may be broken and cause injury. Applications will meet BS6206 Class A or B.




Some speciality products sourced out with Johnson range.


Frosted Vinyls


This vinyl gives privacy to any room, whilst letting natural daylight through. It can also be used to obscure the outside surface of glass when viewed from the outside. It comes in various colours with white being the most popular.


Blackout Vinyl


This vinyl comes in a matt or gloss finish and cuts out all light transmission. There is a wide variety of colours to choose from.


UV Clear Film


Clear UV Window Film filters out almost all ultra violet rays and is optically clear which means that it does not alter the appearance of glass. This window film is extensively used in museums, on shop fronts and in homes to provide fade protection for fabrics and furnishings. UV film is also recommended for protecting people suffering from acute sensitivity to ultra-violet light.




Under European directives, any plain glass area that persons could walk into accidentally, should be protected by the application of visual markers. Dots, squares or bespoke applications available. They offer a smart and unobtrusive solution which can be replicated through all departments and buildings of an organisation.


Polycarbonate Roof Film


This film is a metallised PVC based solar control film designed for use on many polycarbonate, GRP and plastic substrates, such as conservatory roofs.


Corporate Branding


Using window film is one of the most popular, flexible and cost effective methods of adding corporate branding, advertising and decoration to glass.  Working with our range of specialist window films we can computer cut company logos, text and patterns to your exact specification.


Anti Graffiti Film


The cost of replacing damaged surfaces can be expensive and the use of one of our anti-graffiti films can provide a practical and economical solution. The film can be used in many situations including shop fronts, bus stops, telephone boxes and public transport vehicle windows.


Emergency Glazing Film


This is a clear temporary repair film which holds glass in position until it can be replaced. It eliminates the cost of boarding up a window and is ideal for schools, shops, hospitals etc.