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Premium shield paint protection film

Premium Shield

We also offer paint protection to the highest standard.  Premium Shield protects the vehicle against road debris, but without the stain resistance capabilities. Premium Shield is the industry standard in paint protection film.


PremiumShield is a 6.4mil (0.16mm) dual extruded urethane film coated with a 1.6 mil (0.04mm) clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system (PSA). The dual extrusion sees a stiffer urethane being combined with a more flexible urethane allowing for greater longevity whilst maintain flexibility during application.


The film is specifically designed for the surface protection of painted, gel coated or other vulnerable surfaces improving functionality and allowing the conservation of visual appearance for long periods.


Warranted against degradation from UV, peeling and cracking; Premium Shield maintains its clarity, durability and superior performance over a wide range of environmental conditions providing improved chemical and mechanical resistance (road debris) whilst offering conformability to complex curves and shapes.